Aprile dolce dormire.. 4月の心地よいまどろみ

The warming up of the weather due to the Spring season during this month causes people to indulge in slumber and enjoy sweet sleeping and overstaying in bed. Thence the saying “Aprile dolce dormire..” (“April sweet sleeping..”) . April is a month when people in Italy can enjoy nice walks outdoors, with vegetation blooming under the tepid sun. This year April starts with two old traditions occurring on the same day, on the 1st of the month.
The 1st of April is known as the day of “Pesce d’Aprile”, the Italian version of “ Fools Day”. It is a day that especially for children gives the chance for playful jokes, attempting to embarrass the victims with easy to believe lies. The word “pesce” (“fish”) traces the origin of this tradition from the late medieval times, when the beginning of the new year was switched from Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice. Until then, Christians had used to celebrate New Year eating fish, this being one of the earliest symbols for Christ. Conservative people who kept the old ways ended up becoming victims of jokes. They were accused of foolishness for not realizing that times had changed. Many jokes consisted in stealthily applying the image of a fish onto their backs. And this is what children are still today been taught to do on the 1st of April using pieces of paper, and then shouting “Pesce d’Aprile!” to the victim. When among friends someone on this day makes a startling announcement, it may be wise to take it with skepticism and deny it because it may be just a Fool’s Day joke. Hoaxes and pranks are so common that they end up in the news when the victims are famous people.
By chance, this year “Pasqua” (the Christian “Easter”) in Italy occurs on the 1st of April, followed by “Pasquetta” (“Easter Monday”in English) the next day. Italians mostly go to church and try to make bella figura dressing nicely. They invite guests for lunch, which is based on pasta typically followed by lamb meat or else, and then boiled eggs and other delicious dessert. They exchange Good Easter wishes “Auguri Pasquali”, as well as “Colombe Pasquali”, a pastry shaped as open wing pigeons, and eggs made of chocolate, sometimes of huge proportions and beautifully arranged in a colourful packaging. People are anxious to open them, breaking the chocolate casing, because they expect presents to be hidden inside, mostly meant for children. “Pasquetta” is for Italians similar to what Hanami is for Japanese people. It is the day for picnics in parks, countryside, on mountains and at sea, everybody hopeful for a sunny day. It is a day when people go out in order to relax surrounded by nature at its best, when trees and grass are green, flowers are blooming, and birds fly singing in the blue sky. A great opportunity for Freezerino bottle holders to protect and keep drinks at best tasting temperature with any type of bottles, be it for champagne or wine, or for soft drinks.